It is common knowledge that companies which invest in their most valuable resource, their employees, are better able to maintain competitive advantage than organisations in similar industries that do not. An employee should have the freedom to be in control of his or her career and be helped to manage his or her potential as far as possible.

The training needs to be relevant to the individual rather than training for training’s sake. The result is a more motivated and capable workforce which is able to work smarter and with greater confidence and is often more loyal to the company.

Spaark Grooming Institute runs a number of training programmes  which are tailor-made to account for the needs of an organisation.

Who should attend these classes

• Professionals at all levels of the corporate ladder;
• Sales professionals wishing to enhance their skill set;
• Young executives with aspirations for advancement;
• People seeking international positions;
• Professionals who meet high-value clients;
• Those who regularly attend to internal and external customers and stakeholders for business or social purposes;
• Men and women wishing to improve their personal and professional image;
• Anyone who wants to sharpen their social and international skills.

Why should attend this workshop

• Create awareness on the impact of soft skills and first impression.
• Sharpen employee’s professional image & etiquette management skills.
• Increase employee’s self-confidence, motivation, commitment and positive morale – leading to greater performance and productivity.
• Improve client relationships through employee’s professionalism.
• Improve and reinforce Corporate Image and Brand Value.
• Enhance corporate charisma.
• Take your Company extra miles ahead of your competition!